Special Funds and Sponsorship Opportunities

The Lend A Hand Project has a number of funds intended for specific purposes. Read a little about each fund below to learn more. We also have opportunities for corporate sponsorship.

General Fund

The General Fund sends financial aid to many of our Recipient families. It also supports general operations, allowing the Lend A Hand Project to continue its work.

Lenny Lustig Children’s Birthday Fund

The Lenny Lustig Children’s Birthday Fund was created by his family and friends, in memory of Lenny, who shared his good fortune and generosity with those around him. Lenny believed in celebrating joyful events and bringing smiles to everyone, especially on their birthdays!

Murray Safran Emergency Fund

The Murray Safran Emergency Fund was created in memory of Murray, husband of one of The Lend A Hand Project’s co-founders. This fund provides emergency financial assistance to individuals and families.

Diane & Gerald Thurer Welcome Fund

The Diane and Gerald Thurer Welcome Fund, established in memory of our founders Diane and Gerald, provides a welcome gift card to individuals and families who meet the criteria for financial assistance for the first time.

Robins Backpack Fund

The Robins Backpack Fund was established in memory of Barbara Robins, an educator, to support the delivery of over 300 backpacks and school supplies annually to all of the school-aged children in our program.

Corporate Sponsorships

The Lend A Hand Project is a great way for your company to give back to the local community. Contact our offices today to find out how your company can team up with The Lend A Hand Project to help Long Islanders in need.

Call or email us today at 631-486-6636 or hands@lendahandproject.org.

Nursing Home Project

The Nursing Home project, currently a pilot program, enhances the lives of nursing home residents who have no assets and no family support. Through the assistance of staff members, we can provide direct aid to the residents who qualify for this program.

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