Despite the fact that the temperatures have turned warmer and many of us are in the midst of our summer vacations, there are still many in need throughout Long Island. Regardless of the season, the needs of our Recipients remain constant and the challenge to meet those needs is a year-round effort.With that in mind, we are proud to share our latest accomplishments and plans for the future:

  • Our Spring Event, which was held at Cold Spring Country Club on April 29th, was a great success! The baseball-themed brunch was fun for all, and—most importantly—raised funds that will go directly to helping those who need it most.


  • Our program at Huntington Hills Nursing Home is helping those residents with no assets or family support. We are providing extra monies each month so residents can afford small items such as a pillow or a haircut. Thank you to Doreen Ottaiano for helping make the program possible and helping us bring joy to these Recipients. We are moving forward to expand this innovative program to additional facilities.


  • Thank you to Board Member Rabbi Susie Moskowitz for securing the donation of 1,400 pairs of leggings from 18 Rocks, LLC of Melville. This generous donation has enabled us to send many pairs of leggings to all our children, as well as many adult recipients.


  • Thank you to the students of Roslyn High School, who donated $1,200 over the last three months of the school year for The Lend A Hand Project. Clubs that have participated include the Roslyn Honor Society, the Art Club, and the Students For Social Responsibility Club. We look forward to a continued relationship when the new school year kicks off!


  • LAHP has partnered with the Senior Dreams Come True charitable division of the Genser Dubow Elder Law firm. As a result of their generosity, we will be providing special assistance to many of our senior Recipients, and for a few of them, we hope to make a summer wish come true.

  • We would like to thank I. J. Morris and Gutterman’s Funeral Homes for their continuing corporate support.


  • Performer Risa Finkel provided several delightful April evenings at Cabaret Under Glass. She chose The Lend A Hand Project as one of her charitable recipients. Thank you to Risa and Dr. Noah Finkel for your very generous gift.


  • Once again in May, Anthony’s Coal Fired Pizza in Woodbury donated 20% of restaurant receipts from those customers who mentioned our group. To date, Anthony’s—thanks to manager Phil DiNatale—has raised nearly $1,000.

  • The Indian Hills Ladies Golf Outing was dedicated to The Lend A Hand Project and provided us significant financial support, as well as having several new Sponsors joining our program. Thank you to Susan Hirschfeld Mohr for nominating us, and thanks to Ellen Acosta, Helen Rock, and Andy Levy for being at the luncheon to promote LAHP. This outing raised over $3,000 for The Lend A Hand Project. Special thanks to all the Indian Hills Ladies Golfers who participated in this event.


  • No effort is too small. Ten year old Lily initiated the “Slime Project.” Along with her friend, Zoe, she “manufactured” and sold her artisan slime to friends and donated 100% of her sales to further assist our recipients. Kudos to Lily and Zoe!


  • We welcome our new Sponsors and thank them for choosing our program. The need for new Sponsors continues to grow as more organizations recognize the unique difference we make in the lives of our Recipients. Currently we have 15 individuals and families waiting to be matched. The impact that you can make on an individual or family is best said by Charles, one of our Recipients: “OMG, thank you for being in my life, I need you so much.” Please contact Case Manager Ellen Acosta or Executive Director Andrew Levy at 631-486-6636 for more information.

Have a wonderful and safe summer!

We still have a few LAHP hats available for $10.00 each – if you are interested, please call the office.
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